Quiet Time will be the kick-off every morning. We want students to get alone with God at the beginning of each day and allow Him to speak to their hearts. Church groups will have the option to decide what this time will look like for their group.


Every day at WiRED starts off with our “MORNING CELEBRATION”, a brief and power packed kick start to the day! Filled with upbeat worship, a theme driven devotion from our camp pastor, and lots of energy from our Family Group leaders, Morning Celebration gets student prepared for the focus and activities ahead..



Our evening worship is the climax of the entire day at WiRED. It is a time to reflect on what God has been speaking into the heart of each student and to tie it all together with a powerful message from Scripture. Evening worship includes student testimonies and participation, focused praise time, video elements, and a message from the campus pastor that leads students to a point of decision as they head to the church group times.

Family Groups will meet each morning to dive into the Word. Groups will be mixed from all churches and will be by grade. Middle School students will also be separated by gender. Groups will have approximately 20 students in each Family Group. Our Bible study theme this summer is “REWARD” Group building activities will also take place during this Bible study time.
Track times will be held each afternoon after lunch. Students will be able to choose from a variety of topics in the following areas: Bible topics, Christian living topics, ministry topics, and sports. Each of these track times will give a Biblical perspective to the topic. Groups will range from 15-25 in size.
Free Time is available every afternoon. We are still working out the details on activities, but here are some of the options: water slides, swimming in the pool, sports tournaments, paintball, tube rides on the lake, or just hanging out with friends.
Church Group Time is designed to allow youth leaders to get feedback about what their students are learning and to add insights with their own personal touch. This group time is also completely flexible. Each church can organize their time to best meet the needs of their particular group.
Late Nite will take place Friday through Monday. We will send out a schedule of the late nite activities prior to camp. Some options include Family Group Challenge, Fireworks, Variety Show, and more. This is always a great way to unwind and finish off a fun day together.